Motivation – What Motivates You?

What Motivates You?

In order for any of us to really focus on achieving a goal whether it is for losing weight, running a marathon, getting into great shape, we all need motivation. There is nothing wrong with needing an incentive in fact it’s very important that you do have a motivational factor to not only get you started but to keep you going. Often we are conditioned to believe that incentives are for the weak minded and we should be able to ” just do it”.

Whether you offer yourself a financial reward or a holiday you must set it in place, after all you get paid to work don’t you? When you set a reward for yourself it is reinforcing your self worth, not only will you reap the benefits of your hard work but you get a gift as well.

But before you decide on your reward you must dig deep first and go within, ask yourself why do I want this?

The Statistics

Brace yourself – According to recent research on behavioural studies towards activity, nearly 50 percent of people who begin an exercise program drop out within the first 6 months. The question is, “Why?” What is it about sticking with a fitness routine that causes so many people abandon it?

The answer is – Motivation!

They don’t want health and fitness badly enough. It is a simple fact of human psychology that if we want something badly enough, we’ll do everything we can to get it. Deep down you know this is a fact if you really want something you will do it, you will even sacrifice other enjoyment so if you want it enough.

Your challenge is to find out what motivates you to get serious about fitness and stick with it.

Unlocking your Motivation

Fear will stop most of us in our tracks, fear of failure, fear of commitment, fear of the unknown.

Taking that first step is all you have to do, admitting that you are out of shape, over weight, unfit, is the first step. Staying in denial keeps you within your comfort zone even though you don’t like where you are, its familiar and sometimes familiarity is better than the unknown.

You cannot fail when you face your fear and make a start; because at that moment you have already won. Giving yourself a reward to keep going is the intelligent thing to do. Your reward may be good health, becoming disease free or finishing the race, but every one needs an extra pat on the back and there is no one better to do that than yourself.

You do not have to be part of that 50 percent who quit. You can stay committed and finish strong. It is all about finding what motivates you personally.

Here are some possible motivators for you.

  • Do it for your health. Consistent exercise and healthy eating are the two very best things you can do for your health. You will develop a strong, healthy heart, reduce your chances of many cancers, prevent diabetes, keep a sharp mind and resist dementia and avoid many of the common ailments that come with ageing. It is possible to age without decay, and the key to this is exercise and eating well.

  • Do it to look better. Appearance isn’t everything, but most of us care how we look. A strong and healthy person just looks good. And it isn’t all physical. Your demeanour will change as you develop the confidence that comes from the discipline of fitness. You will appear more energetic and confident because you will be more energetic and confident!

  • Do it to relieve stress. Really! It isn’t a cliché. Exercising really does cause physical changes in your brain and nervous system that results in feelings of calmness and well-being. In fact, you may get so hooked on the mental benefits of exercise that you will crave it!

  • Do it to be strong. If you have never done focused weight training, then you literally have no idea of the total transformation that you will feel after just a few weeks. There is nothing like bending over to pick something up that normally results in discomfort, strain and even pain, only to find out that it was easy! And by getting strong now, you reduce your risk of age-related falls and fractures because you have the core strength and balance to keep yourself stable.

It is worth taking the time to discover the powerful motivators in your life.

So what motivates YOU?

Next time with my help, I am going to challenge you to set yourself a goal for 2016.

This could be as simple as increasing the number of steps you do per day; going for a walk lunchtime is not only good form of exercise, but being out in the fresh air will help you focus and be more productive during the afternoon.

So what do you really want to achieve in 2016…..?

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