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Deadlines and Contests: The Keys to Achieving Your Fitness Goals

So why are deadlines and contest so important to achieving your fitness goals? Have you ever told yourself that you are going to lose weight and get fit in time for spring, only to be frustrated when warm weather rolls around? It’s easy to hide…

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What is your SMART Goal for 2016?

Its nearly 2016 – So What Are You Aiming at? A motivational speaker and author, Zig Ziglar, once said If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time. And each of us knows from our own experience that he is right. The general…

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Motivation – What Motivates You?

What Motivates You? In order for any of us to really focus on achieving a goal whether it is for losing weight, running a marathon, getting into great shape, we all need motivation. There is nothing wrong with needing an incentive in fact it’s very…

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Want to Get Healthy – Take a Nap?

Sleep the Key Ingredient If wellness was a sandwich, nutrition would be the bottom slice of bread and exercise the top and the filling would be SLEEP. Are you making mistakes at work? Or are you noticing less than normal or slower performance or a…

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You are What You Eat

You Can’t Out Exercise a Bad Diet Ever heard someone give themselves permission to indulge their sweet tooth just because they just had a great workout? It’s a common excuse. Many people believe that because they exercise, they’re in the black as far as their…

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Winter Weight Gain

Let’s Beat the Winter Weight Gain! Today, we’re taking a hard look at winter weight gain. It’s a common problem — people tend to pack on a few pounds during the winter months. But we want to fight back, and we hope you will join…

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