Personal Training

Personal training gives you a bespoke one-to-one service, tailored to your requirements and needs delivered on a personal and private level. Our trainers are friendly and supportive, but we’re also there to guide and push you beyond your limits, so ensuring you achieve more than you think is possible.

Your first session will be an hour, in which we will teach you how to warm up to prepare your body for your training and also how to cool down and stretch off. During this time, we also take measurements and photos to help analyse your starting posture, body type and structure.

All subsequent personal training sessions are 30 minute, so you will need to arrive 15 minutes before your time starts in order to warm up and get ready. Likewise, at the end of the session we will leave you to cool down on your own. We do not waste your time and money paying for an hour long session. This means that the time you spend one-to-one with us is extremely effective and totally focused on your needs.

However, if you feel you need constant guidance, then we are happy to arrange 45-minute personal training sessions.

We are qualified and experienced to deliver a results based service, so after your three month review you will not only be looking great, but feeling the benefits too!

*Results vary from person to person


Personal training sessions

Tailored to meet your objectives

Groups of up to 4

Measurable results


Steve Denby

Billy Billham

Jenny Rumsey

We have found that people who commit to a monthly membership over a 3 to 6 month period have achieved the BEST results as opposed to those who have taken the Block sessions option. This is due to the fact that they have committed to a regular weekly session, one major reason to why people succeed is that they create a new habit and that results in change for the better for longer.

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