FAQs Personal Training

Q1 – Can I try a Personal Coaching session before I decide to go ahead?

Answer – Yes of course and we thoroughly recommend you meet your trainer before deciding to work with them, you would not buy a car before test driving it first. You can arrange a complimentary 30-minute session by calling us or we will contact you to set up an appointment to suit you. In most cases we will email you a link to our online coaching system where there will be questionnaires for you to fill in before your appointment. During the first meeting we will discuss your goals and perform a brief but thorough posture analysis and give you feedback with our recommendations.

Q2 – How much is Personal Training and can I spread the cost?

Answer – All our packages are on our website, you can chose from 1-2 sessions a week, pay per session or pay monthly we also have built in Bootcamp packages. PT sessions range from £40 down to £32 a session depending on the package you choose. We heavily reward commitment and also allow for flexibility so some of you might prefer our block of sessions option.

Q3 – Can I have PT at the gym without being a member?

Answer – Yes you can, you can only use the gym during your PT session and have full use of the facilities during this time. There are however lots of benefits to joining the gym and we will explain these during your initial consultation.

Q4 Are you able to look after me I have injuries and disabilities.

Answer – During your initial consultation we will evaluate and assess your needs and appoint the appropriate trainer qualified to look after you.

FAQs Group PT Training

Q1 – Can I train with a friend or partner?

Answer – Yes you can, in fact you can share your PT session with up to 4 people in one session. We thoroughly recommend this as we see it as a smart way to spread the cost of having PT as well as maintaining extra motivation from your friends. We have many clients that train as couples it’s just up to you how you share the cost.

Q2 – Can you look after a group with varying fitness levels and needs.

Answer – We are experts, just leave that with us we will be able to make sure you all leave the gym feeling great and fulfilled that you have received what you need. We will work with each of you individually throughout the session as well as bringing you together as a group. Depending on your differences will determine the format of the session.

FAQs Health Coaching

Q1 – What is the difference between a Health Coaching and Personal Training session?

Answer – We adopt a Holistic approach to both of these services, where we focus on your physical, nutritional, mental, emotional and spiritual body. During Health Coaching sessions the attention is on your mental, emotional and spiritual balance. We understand that many of you will seek our advice and guidance because you may be stuck in destructive behavioural patters and or are suffering with chronic illness, Health Coaching empowers you to break these habits and rebuild your health naturally both mentally and physically. During a PT session the main focus will be on your physical wellbeing.

Q2 – Can I share my Health Coaching session?

Answer – Yes you can but we recommend that you completely trust and feel comfortable with the person or people you are sharing with as the sessions can be sensitive and deeply personal.

Q3 – Can I have my Health Coaching or Personal Training session at home.

Answer – Yes you can, these sessions will be more expensive as we have to take into account extra time and travel costs. Home visits are discussed on an individual basis.

FAQs Massage Therapy

Q1 – What is massage therapy and what kind of massage do you do?

Answer – Massage is therapeutic by nature, you will experience deep relaxation both physically and mentally. My practice focuses on postural correction, energy flow and pain relief. By stimulating both the myofacia deep tissue and trigger points one can experience an immediate relief of pain and discomfort.

I am also able to work with your meridian energy and intuitively perform a deeper sense of healing emotionally. Consultation before this kind of work is done is recommended.

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