FLI Fitness FAQs

Below are some of the most common questions that we get asked by people wanting to join a FLI Fitness class. If your questions is not answered, then please call Steve on 07881 848 803 and we will be happy to help you.

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Q1 – How do I book my first Fitness Class?

Answer – You can simply

a) Book your free class by downloading the MINDBODY App below.

b) Call us on 01233 218413 or 07881 848803 to speak with Steve about your current level of health and fitness and he will recommend the most appropriate class.

c) After your first FREE class if you decide to join us, we recommend a 3 month commitment and you will see and feel the results. We will take you through class options and explain how you can pay.

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Q2 – Can I just turn up for Fitness Class?

Answer – Yes you can and it would be great to see you. For your first session, we recommend you come to one of the classes on a Monday, at either 07:00, 09.15 or 19:00 and go to the Ashford International Hotel Leisure Club reception. Here they will give you a Pre-Exercise Form to fill out and direct you to where the class is held. Please do come 5 minutes before the class is due to start, so that we introduce ourselves and we can meet you.


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Q3 – What if I have an injury or health issues?

Answer – We require you to fill in a Pre-Exercise Form and we will discuss this with you before the class. We will advise you on the best course of action, which class will suit your current level of ability and needs. We will then assess you during the class you are achieving your best.


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Q4 – What should I wear?

Answer – You may be required to jump, lunge, crawl, run, push and pull. You may get dirty and so wear comfortable work out gear, such as shorts, training bottoms and T Shirt which you can move freely in. We recommend you bring training or cycling gloves as you may need them for some of the crawling exercises. For light rain you will need to bring a waterproof jacket.


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Still have a question about our classes or membership? Then Contact Us and we will get straight back to you.