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Steve Denby Health Coaching & Wellbeing

Steve Denby Health Coaching & Wellbeing


Your Health Coaching and Wellbeing sessions to guide and help you towards achieving outstanding health, vitality and wellbeing.

Your Health Coach is not only an exercise and movement specialist but also your stress, healing therapist and your nutritional guide; there to nurture and support you towards greater vitality and better health using a “whole” approach towards your wellbeing.

We will put together an ideal plan for you which will work and fits into your current lifestyle, however we are not responsible for planning your life. We know through our own experience and working with others over the last 25 years, that plans only work for a short while; therefore what we will do is guide you towards your own awakening and “shift” in the way that you look after yourself in an easy way that does not require using willpower to stick to “a diet” or exercise plan.

You will find that during your journey with us, not only will your knowledge increase, but also your self motivation and esteem so empowering you to take complete control of your own health, wellness and fitness.

We will help you take all the guess work out of how to put together healthy meals and snacks. Teach you which combinations are good for you and energise you and which foods don’t work for you, thus helping you reach a state of wellbeing way beyond your expectations.

Most of us are happy when we do not have any aches or pains and thereby we feel good about ourselves. But what we want to take you way beyond this feeling – so that you can experience abundant energy and vitality and an inner feeling of peace and calm.

We will teach you to become your own best Coach using the 6 Principles of Wellbeing and this knowledge will serve you for a lifetime.

Using Meditation for Improved Wellbeing

Listen to this article and find out how meditation can help you

Why not join our Mindfulness, Meditation & Natural Movement Class every Tuesday at 7pm. These classes are specially designed to help you cope with the stresses of everyday life.


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